San Marino: The Land of the Clifftop Castles

Being obsessed with geography means you’ll know cities and places that other people haven’t quite heard of. Like for example the five gorgeous microstates of Europe. A microstate is exactly as its name suggests; a small nation with a small population. Sure everybody has heard of arguably two of the most famous microstates in Europe…… Continue reading San Marino: The Land of the Clifftop Castles

Continent in Focus: Western Europe

Last week was the eastern region of Europe so this week we continue with the western region of Europe. My instagram page, @my100by40, is updated daily with a different theme related to the continent in focus of the week: Monday’s: An Underrated GemTuesday’s: A Place I Would Return toWednesday’s: A UNESCO SiteThursday’s: Most Impressive PlaceFriday’s:…… Continue reading Continent in Focus: Western Europe